6 calculate the mean and variance of the sample data

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6. Calculate themeanandvarianceof thesampledata set provided below. Show and explain your steps. Round to the nearest tenth.
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7. Create a frequency distribution table for the number of times a number was rolled on a die. (It may be helpful to print or write out all of the numbers so none are excluded.)
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8.Answer the following questions using the frequency distribution table you created in No. 7. a.Which number(s) had the highest frequency?b.How many times did a number of 4 or greater get thrown? c.How many times was an odd number thrown? d.How many times did a number greater than or equal to 2 and less than or equal to 5 get thrown? 9.The wait times (in seconds) for fast food service at two burger companies were recorded for quality assurance. Using the sample data below, find the following for each sample: a.Range b.Standard deviation c.Variance Lastly, compare the two sets of results. CompanyWait times in seconds Big Burger Company 105677812017511512059 The Cheesy Burger13312420079101147118125
10.What does it mean if a graph is normally distributed? What percent of values fall within 1, 2, and 3, standard deviations from the mean?
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