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Syllabus 140C Spring 13

Can make sure that they understand the material and

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can make sure that they understand the material and can coach them with respect to the important points to stress. The topics I select to be covered in these sections are ones that I find many students struggle with. They are also topics that are very important to the understanding of O-chem (and are likely to appear on exams). You are permitted to attend any section (as long as the room capacity is not exceeded in which case registered students have priority). Also, you may attend as many sections as you wish. Thus, if you didn’t quite “get it” the first time around, you can attend another section where the same material will be presented. The topic schedule for the sections is included at the end of this syllabus (second calendar, last page). Discussion Forum: The discussion forum on the class website is available for posting questions or initiating discussions related to the class materials. The forum is monitored by the TAs who are assigned to the task on a daily basis (seven days per week). The TAs are responsible to respond to posts as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours. I will monitor the TAs responses and if an error is made, I will add a post to correct or clarify the answer. Therefore, you can be assured that (1) you will receive a response to your questions and (2) it will be checked for accuracy. Assignments: Homework problems will be assigned for each chapter. The assignments will be posted on the course web site. The homework will not be collected or graded. It will be your responsibility to work the problems assigned. This is a very important aspect of learning organic chemistry: the practice part. I strongly recommend that you work each of the problems more than once ….three or four times each is not too much! The idea is to get practice at solving the problems based on the concepts presented in lecture and in the chapter. The exam questions will be based in large part on the chapter assignments. Working the problems only once is like trying to shoot a free throw once and then
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expecting to do well in a basketball game. If you have intentions of obtaining an “A” in this course; practice, practice, practice is the only way to do it! Exams: Two midterms will be given during regularly scheduled class time on the dates specified (see course calendar). The final exam will take place on Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 7:00-9:59 PM. Make sure that you do not have conflicts for the midterms or the final exam!!! No make-up's will be given . The exams are structured to test your understanding of the material, not your ability to regurgitate facts. For this reason, the exam questions will usually not look too familiar to you. This can cause some students undue angst. Your job is to be able to take what you have learned and to apply it to new situations….that’s what applied science is all about!
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