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Structured Finance and the Financial Turmoil of 2007 2008

0802 silvia iranzo delving into country risk there is

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0802 SILVIA IRANZO: Delving into country risk. (There is a Spanish version of this edition with the same number.) 0803 OLYMPIA BOVER: The Spanish survey of household finances (EFF): Description and methods of the 2005 wave. 0804 JAVIER DÍAZ-CASSOU, AITOR ERCE-DOMÍNGUEZ AND JUAN J. VÁZQUEZ-ZAMORA: Recent episodes of sovereign debt restructurings. A case-study approach. 0805 JAVIER DÍAZ-CASSOU, AITOR ERCE-DOMÍNGUEZ AND JUAN J. VÁZQUEZ-ZAMORA: The role of the IMF in recent sovereign debt restructurings: Implications for the policy of lending into arrears. 0806 MIGUEL DE LAS CASAS AND XAVIER SERRA: Simplification of IMF lending. Why not just one flexible credit facility? 0807 MIGUEL GARCÍA-POSADA AND JOSEP M.ª VILARRUBIA: Mapa de exposición internacional de la economía española. 0808 SARAI CRIADO AND ADRIAN VAN RIXTEL: Structured finance and the financial turmoil of 2007-2008: An introductory overview. Unidad de Publicaciones Alcalá, 522; 28027 Madrid Telephone +34 91 338 6363. Fax +34 91 338 6488 e-mail: [email protected] www.bde.es
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