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The next morning the maid found the underhills dead

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The next morning the maid found the Underhills dead in the hot tub. The police investigated and found the hot tub to be 115 o F. The Underhills had both enjoyed several glasses of wine, as evidenced by the bottles found surrounding the tub. The medical examiner found the blood alcohol level in both Roma and Clint to be twice the legal limit. 1. What is the effect of alcohol on urine formation in the kidney? 2. What does alcohol do to blood pressure? 3. How is blood pressure measured? 4. A 115 o F hot tub is extremely hot. How would the Underhills’ circulatory systems respond in an attempt to cool their bodies? 5. What happens to blood pressure when capillary beds open? 6. Why does alcohol cause red noses? How did this contribute to the drastic drop in blood pressure? 7. How do you think Clint’s Lasix contributed to his death? 8. Why does one faint when blood pressure drops? 9. List the parts a blood cell must travel through to go from the right ventricle to the brain and then to return to the heart. 10. How do you think the heat of the hot tub affected the Underhills heart rate and breathing rate? Why?
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