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Communicate about leisure activities. Express likes, dislikes. Indicate plans, intentions. Share information about when, where common activities are done. (Capítulo 3) Write and memorize a 500-word conversation with a classmate. Course Content Capítulo preliminar ¡Mucho gusto! o Vocabulary: Greeting and meeting people, numbers 0 30. Structures: Pronouns, Verb “ser”, Verb form “hay”, Question words, Alphabet Telling time. Culture: El mundo hispano. Capítulo 1 En una clase de español o Vocabulary: In the classroom, colors, university campus, academic courses, the time and days of the week. Culture: Los Estados Unidos. Capítulo 2 En una reunión familiar o Vocabulary: The family, physical features, personality, nationalities, numbers 30 100. Structures: Possession with “de(l)”, p ossessive adjectives, use of “ser”, agreement with descriptive adjectives, present tense of -er and ir verbs, uses of “tener”. Culture: México. Capítulo 3 El tiempo libre o Vocabulary: Leisure time activities, sports, places in and around town, months, seasons. Grammar: Use of “gustar”, verb “ir”, v erbs with irregular “yo” forms , “saber”, “conocer”, personal “a”, “hacer” and “estar” with da tes and weather. Culture: Colombia.
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