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test 2 study guide

The distance to the epicenter is about 50 miles if we

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The distance to the epicenter is about; 50 miles
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If we double the frequency of sound, the wavelength is; halved Beats demonstrate that; sound is a wave The velocity of sound is approximately; 1000 feet per second The speed of sound in air; increases as air temperature increases Sound waves are; compressional (longitudinal) On a typical day, sound emitted near the ground tends to bend; upward, toward the sky You are more likely to hear distant sounds when; the air near the ground is cool and the air above is warm Because of evaporation, the air about the surface of a lake becomes cool. Sound in the air above the lake will tend to; bend towards the surface To have the sound channel, there must be; a minimum in the velocity of sound SOFAR took advantage of; the sound channel in the ocean Water waves are; both transverse an longitudinal The sound channel in the ocean carries sound a long distance because; the sound doesn’t spread out in the up or down directions As you travel deeper into the ocean, the water temperature; decreases with temperature A pianist plays two keys; middle C, and the C above middle C (i.e., an octave higher). The speed of sound for the higher frequency, compared to that for the lower frequency, is; the same As you move to a higher altitude, the temperature of the air, first gets cooler, then warmer The atmospheric sound channel would not exist, if not for; ultraviolet light The ozone layer is created by; sunlight SOSUS refers to; a system for detecting submarines Which of the following statements was true about Project Mogul; it was concerned with the atmosphere According to the text, the flying disks that crashed near Roswell were; microphones Very long wavelength water waves; travel faster than short ones Whales and fiber optics both make use of what principal; Huygens When an earthquake at sea starts a tsunami of tidal wave, the initial height os relatively small. What accounts for the towering wave that breaks near the shore; the wave moves slower A water wave has a wavelength of 10 meters and a frequency of 2 cycles/sec. Its velocity is; 20 meters per second The sound from a passing car sounds like a high pitch, but as it passes it gets lower. That’ an example of; the Doppler shift Thunderclouds tend to rise until; the reach air that is warmer than they are The atmospheric sound channel is created because of; ultra-violent light In the daytime, sound tends to; bend upward Most damage for an earthquake usually comes from the; L wave For sound waves, low-frequency waves travel; the same speed as high frequency A piano note A about middle C is 440 Hz. The next higher A has a frequency; 880
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The distance to the epicenter is about 50 miles If we...

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