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82.Which of the following best describes the TOGAF Technical Reference Model? A. It is a detailed data model that can be tailored to specific industries B. It is an example of a Common Systems Architecture C. It is a fundamental architecture uponwhichmore specific architectures can be based D. It is a model of application components and application services software, including brokering applications Answer:C
83.Which one of the following statements about the structure of the TOGAF 9 document is true? E
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84.Which phase of the ADM ensures that implementation projects conform to the defined architecture?
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. B. Phase D C. Phase F D. Phase G E. Phase H Answer:D 85.Complete the sentence. The Requirements Management Phase ___________. E
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86.Which one of the following is an objective of the Preliminary Phase of the ADM? A. To define the Baseline Architecture for this cycle of the ADM B. To define the application systems for the Target Architecture C. To define the framework and methodologies to be used D. To define the relevant stakeholders and their concerns E. To define and prioritise work packages Answer:C
87.According to TOGAF, when creating views for a particular architecture, What is the recommended first step? D
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88.Which of the following architectures in the Architecture Continuum contains the most re-usable architecture elements? B
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89.Which of the following describes the Architecture Vision document?
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. architecture E. A set of rules and guidelines to support fulfilling the mission of the organization Answer:C 90.According to TOGAF, Which of the following best describes how the Enterprise Continuum is used in organizing and developing an architecture? A. It is used to coordinate with the other management frameworks in use B. It is used to describe how an architecture addresses stakeholder concerns C. It is used to identify and understand business requirements D. It is used to provide a system for continuous monitoring E. It is used to structure re-usable architecture and solution assets Answer:E
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