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Most people dress in hand tailored suits that cost a

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a day-to-day basis than anywhere else that he has seen in America and Europe. Most people dress in hand-tailored suits that cost a fraction of the price that they do in America. We have learned that tariffs and quotas are to protect domestic producers so that domestic jobs can be saved. Tariffs and quotas are also for reducing the effect of the world trade on the environment. Tariffs purpose is to keep foreign countries from selling their products at a lower price forcing domestic companies to match them. Tariffs are the difference between labor and overhead costs in other countries with the purpose of domestic organizations remaining competitive. This relates to Keisha because her mom’s job was just recently sent over to India, she was laid off as a result. It was cheaper for her company to send jobs over there to cut cost in labor, but her mom is now impacted from the loss of her job. Learning about the exchange rates and how they affect these foreign economies interested us immensely because we are living it as we learn about it. Interest rates and their affect on a macroeconomic scale continue to be one of the areas in which we find struggling to fully grasp. If the Fed lowers interest rates, we would think that foreign companies would borrow more from
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Team A Reflection 3 America, rather than less. We understand how they would lend less since they are not getting the same amount of returns, but we would think that it would be in their best interest to borrow from America during this time.
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