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MGMT 305 week 2 DB

Version of internet explorer is considered to be the

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version of Internet Explorer is considered to be the fastest booting browser available today (Farshad, 2011). However, the speed comes at a high price of large memory usage from the computer. This means that while this browser is running, any other programs that are on may be slowed down. Another issue with IE is that it is only compatible with Windows-based computers. This means that anyone with a Mac cannot use it. Additionally, Internet Explorer is known to be very unstable when it comes to everyday usability. This application is known to crash very often. Finally, the structure of the browser is very rigid. There is very little room for any real customization of this app (The Tech Repo, 2012). Mozilla Firefox is a much stronger application when compared to Internet Explorer. It allows a lot of customization in regards to how the browser looks and operates and it even has its own private browser mode, which allows users to surf the web without storing the history of the websites visited. This browser is also cross compatible between Windows, Mac, and even Linux based computers (Singh, 2012). One big setback, however, is the slow startup time. And with that, there is also a huge load put onto the memory usage. The combination of these two flaws makes this browser unappealing to individuals who go online for quick and light work. Finally, Google Chrome is the most popular browser available today. With the lightest load on
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  • Spring '11
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  • Internet Explorer, Web browser, Usage share of web browsers, Google Chrome, Comparison of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox

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