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2 explain darwins theory of natural selection in

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2. Explain Darwin’s theory of natural selection in detail (provide an example). 3. Explain Lamarck’s theory of acquired characteristics through the use and disuse of parts in detail (provide an example) 4. Distinguish between inherited and acquired traits 5. Explain the concept of fitness 6. Explain why only populations adapt (individuals cannot) 7. Explain the idea of decent with modification 8. Describe the 5 basic mechanisms of evolutionary change 9. Describe the importance of having variation in a population 10. Describe the benefits and disadvantages of a farmer planting a monoculture 11. Explain the four basic ideas of natural selection 12. Describe the two processes that lead to new variation in a population 13. Explain the relationship between the environment and the evolution of a species 14. Explain the difference between natural selection and artificial selection (selective breeding) 15. Explain why organisms certain may convolve together 16. Explain the process of speciation 17. Describe what must happen in order for new species to form 18. Describe the different ways in which populations may reproductively isolate themselves from one another. Discuss both pre and post reproductive ways that this could happen
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