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Options contracts and it must indicate a clear intent

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options contracts and it must indicate a clear intent to That there was "intent" to enter unilateral contracts form a contract into a valid contract the uniform commercial code it must be definite enough to exception show the intent of the parties this must be proven promisory estop el and must be communicated to the other party Promis ory Estop el is Ac eptance must be Statute of frauds covers price more than 50 not to be performed in within a year for the sale of land promise to pay anothers debt promise of an administrator of an a promise can ot be withdrawn clear and unqualified estate to pay the debt of the because the of ere reasonably estate out of his own funds relied on the of er being held prenuptual agre ments open and wil suf er a detriment contracts not to be performed in if it's withdrawn the lifetime of the promisor consideration is based on examples where consideration if a person makes a purely what? may be absent thus making oral agre ment to work for a the contract unenforceable company for ten years he is or isn't bound by this and why an agre ment to do ones duty because it's longer than a year quid pro quo a moral obligation it must be evinced by a past consideration memorandum so not binding ilusory promises Amendment for bearing arms Two things each party rights can be……… gains as a result of a contract duties can be ………. rights can be as igned 2nd right and a duty duties can be delegated when rights are as igned the two rights that can ot a tort where one person uses as igne is be as igned someone elses property indefinately or destroys it without owners permis ion examples of it "substituted" for the person right to receive personal services conversion as igning the rights right to purchase go ds on credit rob ery, driving someone elses car and crashing it etc Dif erence betwe n a done An ilegal contract is common examples of pos ible beneficiary and credit not violations of public policy beneficiary is in most cases a creditor void or voidable -it simply agre ments which involve beneficiary initialy had a contract has no legal existance restraint of trade or contain with one of the parties exculpatory clauses thre ways a contract can be contract clauses that prevent discharged by law the standard used in judging one party from get ing sued torts of negligence exculpatory clause bankruptcy reasonable man standard statute of limitation impos ibility of performance defendants actions must be lo ked at in the context of the situation he faced to qualify as an Intentional to prove a tort of two aspects to proving Tort there must be negligence you ne d causation in torts of negligence cases
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