Take all the prerequisite courses as quickly as

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Take all the prerequisite courses as quickly as possible. Waiting to take certain courses hurts you in the long run. Take classes in a lot of subjects prior to deciding that you want to spend your life in the bio labs. Plan things out in terms of course work (or at least try to and be flexible with things changing) Start early and plan ahead. There are some courses than make sense together and others that make sense before taking others. While they may not be prerequisites, take this into consideration when picking courses, don't just pick randomly. Also, get to know your professors. The relationships I established in the department were a huge part of my success here at Davidson and when it came time for me to apply to professional school. Get Bio111 and Bio112 out of the way early Be a biology major if you really love learning about all aspects of Biology-- big and small. Don't be a bio major if you are considering it only because it would be convenient. In my opinion, the time I spent studying bio was not only worth it; it was enjoyable. Take the introductory courses now to see if you like it, but take the one you're more interested in first.