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conscious.” Her initial fantasy of her handsome employer is conscious, but his transformation into a figure embodying her fear of sexuality is generated by deep-rooted unconscious inhibitions. 116.What literary theory or approach is shown in the following passage? A.Deconstruction B.Psychoanalytic Theory C.Reader-Response Criticism D.Marxist Literary Theory
What is even more troublesome is disagreement among critics about just what standards are to be applied. Two “straight” readers, seeing the ghosts as real and the story as an attempt to “turn the screws” of horror as thrillingly as possible, might flatly disagree with each other about whether the literary experience of thrilling horror is good or bad for “us,” or for a given immature reader, or for a former governess now incarcerated in a mental institution. Because of all this variety, we have to ask our questions as if we were dealing not with one The Turn of the Screw but many different ones. 117.If a teacher uses only basal readers for teachings her students to read, she is most likely believes in _____.
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118. A parent walks into a classroom and sees the children in groups, each gathered around a poster board. The children are writing ideas on the poster board in what looks like graffiti (writing on walls) to the parent. When the parent asks the teacher what the children are doing, the teacher is likely to explain that ___.
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119.Each of the following is an effective strategy for a teacher who is facilitating a whole-class discussion EXCEPT _____.
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120.Which of the following activities will best help a teachercollect data that will inform instruction to meet the individual needs of students? A.concentric circles B.K-W-L chart pass D.reciprocal teaching
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