Use mol L 1 for molar concentrations M is not acceptable Use mol quanta for

Use mol l 1 for molar concentrations m is not

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Use mol L -1 for molar concentrations ('M' is not acceptable). Use mol quanta for photosynthetically available radiation (PAR) (Einsteins is not acceptable). Use × for multiplication (* is not acceptable). To indicate a power of 10, write, e.g., 5×10 -8 (5E-8 is not acceptable). Do not italicize common Latin terms and abbreviations such as i.e., e.g., in situ, in vivo, and et al. The Title page: Capitalize only the first word, proper nouns, and acronyms in the title. I.e., Do not capitalize all words nor use all capitals for the entire title. Do not use abbreviations in the title (e.g., use 'iron', not 'Fe'; and 'southeast', not 'SE'). List the names of all authors in a single continuous character string below the title. Use footnotes to indicate the corresponding author (if different than the first author listed) and author addresses; these addresses should be those where the authors resided at the time that the work presented in the paper was done (use separate footnotes for current addresses, if different). Spell out state or province names in full. Double-space all footnotes on the title page. For Articles, provide a condensed running head of no more than 40 characters
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