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ITS 201-Collapse 1

Easter island was the third most likely island in the

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Easter Island was the third most likely island in the Pacific Ocean to have a huge deforestation problem. Not only is the race to build the biggest statue and all the work and resources more interesting than deforestation, I believe that it is much more relevant and a bigger factor in the failure of Eater Island. With all the wood, rope, food, and just energy in general expended to build statues should have been a much bigger focus in my opinion. Diamond says that climate change, hostile neighbors, and decreased support from friendly neighbors were not factors in their collapse. He gave no evidence either way about climate change, all Diamond did was mention that it had no effect. Since he gave no reason for me not to believe him, I agree that climate change was not a factor. On the other hand, contrary to what Diamond thinks, I think that neighbors to Easter Island had an impact on the failure of their society. Whether Chile is considered a neighbor or not, many people from Easter Island were kidnapped and enslaved by Chilean natives. Also, it may not be hostile but Europeans brought many diseases including smallpox, which caused two epidemics on Easter Island, wiping out a large portion of the islanders. Diamond may not have considered Europeans and Chileans hostile neighbors, but there is no denying that they depleted the population immensely and without them, the society may still have failed, but they would have lasted much longer. Similarly, Diamond says that decreased support from friendly neighbors was not a factor but I do not agree. The people of Easter Island had no one to trade with other than the other tribes on the island. There were other islands in that area of the pacific that never helped the settlers. Once the people left for Easter Island, they cut off all of the contact that they had with people from surrounding islands. Diamond must think that since Easter Island is so isolated from outsiders that they do not have any neighbors. I think that he is wrong and that outsiders like the other
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3 Polynesians, Europeans, and Chileans had a great impact on the collapse of Easter Island but
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Easter Island was the third most likely island in the...

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