1 the generation of frequent and common ideas 2 the

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1 the generation of frequent and common ideas 2 the result of thinking processes 3 an innate skill that cannot be acquired by means of training 4 the development of new products 19 The bank was impressed with John’s application for finance and his business plan, but suggested that he first register his business as a close corporation (CC). When registering his CC in South Africa, John will have to adhere to ____ legal prescriptions and incur ____ costs, unlike when registering a private company. 1 many; minor 2 few; minor 3 many; considerable 4 few; considerable
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MNE 202-V MAY/JUNE 2009 8 20 Portia Kale recently decided on a form of ownership for the preschool business she intends starting in Pretoria. The form of ownership she has chosen means that her business will have a separate legal personality and will be created by the registration of a founding statement. The type of business Portia has chosen is a ______ . 1 close corporation . 2 partnership . 3 section 21 company . 4 private company . 21 Identify the correct sequence of steps in the negotiation process when purchasing a business. a the buyer’s due-diligence investigation b drawing up of purchase agreement by the parties concerned c identification and approach of the business for sale d signing of non-disclosure document that ensures secrecy of the negotiations e making a transition to being a successful business owner f closure of the deal by the buyer and seller by signing necessary documents g signing of a letter of intent by the buyer 1 a c e d f g b 2 c a b f d g e 3 e c b a g f d 4 c d g a b f e 22 Which one of the following amalgamations is an example of horizontal integration ? 1 an abattoir purchasing a number of butcheries 2 a motor manufacturer purchasing a shoe factory 3 a tyre manufacturing company purchasing a tyre fitment enterprise 4 a national bookseller purchasing a number of small independent bookstores
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