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Riba buyu increase in exchange riba fadhl difference

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Riba Buyu Increase in Exchange Riba Fadhl Difference in Quantity, Quality Riba Nasiah Difference in Time
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Islamic Banking 8 Validity of a transaction is not based upon ‘financial status of party’ Nature of Quranic Prohibitions - The verses which prohibit riba do not at all differentiate between a consumption or a commercial loan • Quran has not prohibited a particular ‘form’ but the very ‘concept or substance’ Interest is prohibited for Consumption Loans only !!! The caravan of Abu Sufyan at the battle of Badr • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s ahadith in which reference is made to a business loan Commercial loans were not in vogue in the days of Prophet (PBUH) All verses of Quran must be studied together The words "whatever remains of riba" indicate that every amount over and above the principal has to be given up All interest whether excessive or not was given up by Prophet (PBUH) of his uncle in his last sermon Prohibition is only on excessive interest i.e., Doubled & Multiplied Not left to be decided by human reason alone, because the reason of different
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