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A human resource management b external recruiting c

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(A) Human resource management (B) External recruiting (C) Internal recruiting (D) Replacement charting 59. Which of the following is the main difference between arbitration and mediation? (A) Mediation is used to settle disputes. (B) Mediation takes objective views into consideration. (C) Arbitration involves a separate third party. (D) Arbitration is binding. 60. According to the accounting equation, “assets equal liabilities plus . . .” which of the following? (A) Owner’s equity (B) Debtors’ claims against resources (C) Expenses (D) Return on equity INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 184 Dantes/DSST Program POSTTEST ANSWERS 1. The correct answer is (A). The Small Business Administration was created by Congress in 1953 to assist small businesses. 2. The correct answer is (C). Small businesses have a strong potential for failure. 3. The correct answer is (B). An advantage of franchising is that the franchisee can sell to existing clientele. 4. The correct answer is (B). A franchisee usually receives a business name, business plan, and management training from a franchiser. 5. The correct answer is (A). A company goal can be effective only if top management demonstrates commitment to it. 6. The correct answer is (B). Identifying an opportunity for profit is the first step in business planning. 7. The correct answer is (C). In a laissez-faire management system, an employee can work using the techniques the employee wishes. 8. The correct answer is (B). When two employees have a difference of
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opinion, they should seek a negotiator. 9. The correct answer is (D). Conceptual skills are those that deal with visualizing ideas and putting those ideas into practice. 10. The correct answer is (D). The economic model of social responsibility states that social responsibility is not a firm’s goal, but rather that it should be left in someone else’s hands. 11. The correct answer is (B). A conflict of interest often occurs when someone is not able to make an objective decision. 12. The correct answer is (C). When an employee has a complaint about an employer’s hiring practices, the employee should file a complaint with the EEOC. 13. The correct answer is (A). Structured interviews ask the same questions of each candidate. This leads to an easy comparison of potential employees. 14. The correct answer is (B). Wage structure determines how an employee is paid. 15. The correct answer is (A). A management development program is a method of developing managers inside the company and preparing them for promotions. If internal recruiting has provided the company with poor management, then its management development program is lacking. 16. The correct answer is (A). The Taft-Hartley Act lists unfair labor practices that unions are forbidden to use. 17. The correct answer is (D).
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A Human resource management B External recruiting C...

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