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Informative Speech Assignment Proposal Guidelines

Do not include content from the source itselfthis is

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DO NOT include content from the source itself—this is unnecessary for this specific assignment and will only take up space needlessly. f. Why do you believe this source is credible? Give at least three specific factors that led to your decision to collect this source. There is no right or wrong answer, but you must describe your reasoning. Basic Format Requirements: This assignment must be between a page and a half to two pages long (1 ½ - 2 pages). The “page,” in this context, begins with the first paragraph relating to the specific assignment requirements. The student’s name must be typed at the top of the paper. The font must be of a standard, legible type, and 12 point in size. Each paragraph must be single-spaced, with one additional space between paragraphs. The use of “tricks” to make this assignment appear longer than it actually is will result in a reduced grade. Such tricks include, but are not limited to: altering the margins; double or triple- spacing; using excessive spaces in-between paragraphs; using an unusual or oversized font; adding unnecessary (or “filler”) content. THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST BE WRITTEN BY THE STUDENT RECEIVING CREDIT FOR IT. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE WORK OF OTHERS OR OTHERWISE ADD CONTENT THAT WAS NOT WRITTEN BY YOU. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR YOUR GRADE AND MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
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