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There are numerous things i will need to manage about

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There are numerous things I will need to manage about myself in order to achieve ultimate success. I need to be a more open and honest person. I believe that I tend to hide behind the image of what other people see as amiable. It is good to know what makes people mad in order to avoid that, but my tendency to please everyone causes me to stretch the truth at times, which must stop in order for me to find more genuine friends for me. Also, I need to become a more forgiving person. I take things too seriously and personally at times. When one little incident happens, even if I seem fine, I am most likely very bothered by the situation. I personally find this really difficult to overcome, along with having trust. If I can be more honest, open, and forgiving, which are all issues regarding trust, I would probably feel more accomplished. Therefore by overcoming these flaws and obstacles that I have, this will ease my ability to attain triumph. Once success is realized, I then want to be able to seek ultimate happiness. The way for me to be brought to this situation is to be more comfortable with who I am. Some people say that I have a great personality, but when looking at my flaws, I feel very disappointed in myself. I find myself as humorous and fun, but when it comes to new people, I sometimes tend to be shy. I want to be a person who is naturally outgoing and liked by many, which is why I put so much effort in joining so many clubs to gradually reach the top, although the real importance is being more loud and sociable. Since I enjoy the company of others, my propensity to be anti-social around new people can be a problem. I want to be able to take on a greater initiative. If I am able to be less afraid and more faithful in my abilities, than I feel as though I could be more confident and overall happier with myself. From the collected amount of information I had learned about myself, I have an idea of where to guide myself in terms of majors. After seeing Blair and telling her about my personality and what she was able to detect from how I acted in front of her, we agreed that dealing with investment banking or some type of job in marketing would be best for me. The reasoning for investment banking is that I have a highly competitive side and enjoy undertaking challenges. Although I do not have the greatest knowledge or understanding of business, my aspiration to learn and be the best will be my motivation. I like working under pressure, so having to multitask or do anything that may seem difficult will be an activity that I will not find bothersome. Currently an accounting major, we both settled on the idea that having a boring, redundant, and anti-social job was very off from what my personality is, or at least apart from what I enjoy. Since I am creative and like a lot of change, marketing seemed like another suitable major for me.
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5 Nipal Working through both structure and imagination is a good balance and are traits in which I am able to manage well simultaneously. My organizational ability and ambitious
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There are numerous things I will need to manage about...

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