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Judith sargent murry a response to noah webster

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American but not really. Judith Sargent Murry-a response to Noah Webster. Gossip is creative they have imagination. Why would God create men and women if not meant to be equal? Wants to put it out there that there could be “Self made women” How many are out there that haven’t reaped their fame. Women are trained to be dumb and pretty. Result of education. Women have the potential to be superior or equal to men if given the chance. If men are physically stronger than women should be mentally stronger to balance it out.
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B. Indians 1. Shawnee Resistance: Result of Jeffersonian Agrianism, soil is the source of economic equality. Convert to farming and adapting or move West of the Mississippi, either way give up tribal land. -- Tecumseh- chief of the Shawnee, together spiritual and political leaders. 1809 left the colony to recruit more Indians help their fight. They had not legally claimed the land. William Henry Harrison leads an attack, on Prophets town, November 7, 1811. Runs town into the ground. Considerable loss of faith. -- “the Prophet” (Tenskwatawa) – medicine man -- Battle of Tippecanoe 2. Indian Removal Act of 1830: designed to target, established by Andrew Jackson. Jackson funded treaties and relocation, government backed and Indians were too weak to resist. --“The Five Civilized Tribes” ( Cherokee, Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw) All were agricultural and tied to the land. Civilized Tribes set up own schools, churches, roads. 3. The Seminole Wars: Most Seminole were successfully removed, but a large minority rose up in 1835 resisted and Jackson sent in troops and experienced guerilla warfare. Resisted troops effectively. 1842 abandoned idea of removing them. Black escaped people becoming part of the Seminole Nation. 4.
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Judith Sargent Murry a response to Noah Webster Gossip is...

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