Your problem to investigate using the floating disk

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Your Problem to Investigate: Using the floating disk assay, your problem is to design and carry out an experiment to test the effect of a variable on the rate of photosynthesis. You chose which variable you will investigate. However, don’t choose the variable of leaf age. It was the variable investigated in the Photo Finish Lab. a) What is the question you will be investigating? b) Describe the variable you are investigating. c) State your hypothesis. d) Generate a materials list that includes the special items you would need for your investigation. e) Describe the procedure you will use to investigate your hypothesis. Use the rubric as a guide for what to include. List the steps you will use. Describe the type of data that you will collect. You may want include diagrams or illustrations. Be sure to include any safety procedures you will need to follow. f) Construct a data table that you will use to record your observations. Be sure to correctly label this table and include any important instructions. Submit your lab test to your teacher after you complete Part I. Do not proceed to Part II until you have your teacher’s approval. Part II: With your teacher’s approval carry out the investigation that you have proposed in part I. You may find that you will need to modify your original procedure and data table as you begin to investigate your hypothesis. After completing your lab work complete the Part II worksheet as a lab report. Again, use the scoring rubric as a guide for what is expected in each section of the report.
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