The sectioned format is shown here A Process Sub Section The sub sections of

The sectioned format is shown here a process sub

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The sectioned format is shown here: A. Process Sub-Section The sub-sections of the procedure section should be broken up by headers that are named with a clear and concise descriptor of the following sentences. When sectioning your procedures, only section the most notable changes in your procedure process. Do not section every separate step nor try to describe your process in bullet points. This should not be an outline, but a narrative of your exercise procedure. Thoroughly explain the header topic within the sub-section. If a sub-section contains less than a paragraph (three to five sentences minimum), then it is an unnecessary sub-section and should be grouped with another. It may be bulleted to show emphasis if it is a particularly important topic B. Figures and Tables The inclusion of figures and tables within your report can provide an excellent visual tool when discussing a technical topic. Figures within your reports could include, but are not limited to, schematics of your wiring, pictures of the DK- TM4C123G Board fully wired, flow charts of your procedure, waveforms, and UART captures. If there is any supplemental figures that you found useful from outside sources, possibly when conducting supplemental research, it could also be beneficial to include them in your report for explanation. Make sure to cite all sources within the document next to the figure (or quote) in a standard format such as the IEEE format used within this document. The IEEE format is to cite within the document with [#] where the # corresponds to the number of the citation within the appendix (shown in Appendix E at the end of this document).
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