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CTW Paper Instructions

Examples part iii evidence outline three key reasons

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EXAMPLES: PART III: EVIDENCE: Outline three key reasons and supporting evidence supporting your thesis statement. Site your sources - this means any key reason that you mention should be based on evidence you have found in a reliable souce such as the Economist Intelligence Unit; CIA ±actbook, Export.gov. You may also include personal interviews with local executives or other reliable sources with Frst-hand knowledge. You are also required to attach a newspaper article from the country you are researching. Electronic newspapers are available online. Save as a pdf and attach to Fnal paer. PART IV: CONLUSION: Show that your thesis statement has been proved. Restate your thesis and summarize your key supporting facts in a clear, well-written paragraph. PART V: BIBLIOGRAPHY: Cite all your sources using either MLA or APA format. CTW International Business Paper TEMPLATE - intended only as a guide to prepare your paper. BUSA 3000 - CTW INTNL. BUSINESS PAPER - iNSTRUCTIONS - Prof. Caolo
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BUSA 3000 - CTW INTNL. BUSINESS PAPER - iNSTRUCTIONS - Prof. Caolo COUNTRY BACKGROUND: Name of Country Neighboring Countries etc. .....
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PART II - BUSINESS PROPOSITION / THESIS STATEMENT: one sentence highlight in BOLD FONT PART III: EVIDENCE - (This is the body of your paper and will consist of multiple paragraphs for a total of approximately 5 pages.) Paragraph 1 = Restate your thesis statement and add the three key reasons supporting your statement. Paragraph 2
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EXAMPLES PART III EVIDENCE Outline three key reasons and...

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