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00 79 service maintenance contracts 325 150 17500 46

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263.00 79% Service & Maintenance Contracts 325 150 175.00 46% Property & General Liability Insurance 900.00 736 164.00 82% Capital Outlay 650 540 110.00 83%
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Total Adolescent Health Expenditures 190,600.00 181,941.38 8,658.62 95.46% Revenue Line Items Approved Budget YTD Receipts (Over)/Und er State Appropriation 76,000.00 65,452.00 86% County Appropriation 2,000.00 1,645.00 82% Medicaid 215,287.00 172,229.65 80% Patient Fees 4,500.00 3,600.00 80% Insurance 8,900.00 7,463.25 84% Total Adolescent Health Revenues 306,687.00 250,389.90 82% In addition to the budget itself, submit a budget justification in two to three paragraphs. In this section, you should justify your major choices, addressing both revenue as well as costs. Make sure to indicate who you would be serving and how many people you estimate would utilize your services. Successful public health is more than just delivering programs, but doing so in a way that is cost effective and resourceful, “financial planning or setting a budget should be integrated with program planning to identify resources and expenditures” (Morrow and Mays, 2008). Creating a department budget allows you to determine if the department can operate with its projected income, expenses and still meet program objectives. One of the strength of this budget is that the health department can use the data for day
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00 79 Service Maintenance Contracts 325 150 17500 46...

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