Guarantee Definition To undertake that a contract or a legal act will be

Guarantee definition to undertake that a contract or

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Guarantee Definition: To undertake that a contract or a legal act will be correctly carried out, e.g. that money will be repaid. The person giving the undertaking is called the guarantor. Guardian Definition: A person who has the right and duty to protect another person, his or her property and rights. A plenary guardian has all the powers of a parent. Incorporated associations Definition: A not-for-profit community organisation with a separate legal identity and a structure regulated by legislation. ITP (Independent Third Person) Definition: An impartial person required to support and assist a person with an intellectual disability, mental illness, brain injury or dementia during questioning by police. Indictable offence Definition: A serious crime which is generally tribal before a judge and jury. Infringement notice Definition: Notice showing that an offence (usually a driving offence) has been committed and the penalty to be paid (an "on-the-spot-fine").
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