There were additional reform movements Calvinism This is the foundation of

There were additional reform movements calvinism this

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There were additional reform movements. Calvinism: This is the foundation of Presbyterianism and Baptist faiths. John Calvin, born a Frenchman, argued that the anxiety caused by the fear of failing to merit salvation undermined the ability to live a Christian life. His solution was the Doctrine of Predestination, the idea that people were pre-selected by God for salvation (McKay et al., 2017). Zwinglism: Sharing Luther’s humanist education, including r eading the works of Catholic reformer Erasmus, Catholic priest Huldrych Zwingli (1484 1531) became leader of the Swiss Reformation. He saw the Eucharist as purely a ritual of remembrance and made the Bible the standard for determining the right faith. He rejected the idea instituted by St. Augustine that humans were born with original sin, an idea that both Calvin and Luther retained (McKay et al., 2017). Anabaptism: This is a radical rejection of all institutions seeking to control individual belief, including governments and even other Protestant denominations, leading to the almost universal persecution of Anabaptists. It insists on adult baptism (Stayer, 1991). Anglicanism: Also known as the Church of England with the English monarch and not the pope as head, this denomination was created by Henry VIII’s rejection of the pope’s authority (see below). At first, very similar to Catholicism, Anglicanism shifted to more emphasis on scripture through the influence of Henry’s ministers and Queen Elizabeth I. T his is the foundation of the Episcopal Church in the United States (McKay et al., 2017). The Catholic Reformation: Included here as a reminder that there was a broad movement toward the reform, the Catholic Reformation is seen by most historians as part of a longer movement to stop corruption that predated the Protestant Reformation (Ozment, 1981). The series of meetings known
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