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16.Which of the following isnotan employee record that needs to be documented, maintained and stored by employers? (a)The name, address and contact details of each employee. (b)Employee medical records. (c)The employee’s tax file number. (d)Monetary allowances, penalty rates, loadings, bonuses and/or incentive based payments paid.
17. What is the minimum period of time employers must legally keep records of all past, present and prospective employees?
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18. What Act stipulates very specific confidentiality conditions on the collection, recording, storage and dissemination of employee’s personal records?
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19. Select the most appropriate conclusion to complete the following statement. Direct observation of staff levels and customer service processes on different shifts throughout the week, along with keeping an eye on wage budgets against actual wage costs, staff absenteeism levels and the quantity of unfinished work are just some of the methods used to…
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20.What is the most direct, cost-effective and efficient method to identify ways in which rosters and roster development processes may be improved? (a)Talk to staff whose names are listed on the rosters. (b)Call in roster consultancy experts. (c)Install a staff suggestion box in or near the staff lounge or change rooms. (d)Ask customers about the quality of the products they purchase and their overall service experience.
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