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Fred decides that other group members are right so he

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11. Fred decides that other group members are right, so he changes his mind and comes to believe in the group’s position. This change is BEST described as: a. conversion b. anticonformity c. independence d. conformity e. compliance 12. The stages in Tuckman’s group development model, in correct order, are: 13. Individuals with a high social dominance orientation (SDO), have a desire to: 14. Asch’s findings suggest that conformity begins leveling off when the group size reaches ___ .
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15. Social ___ is an interpersonal process that changes the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors of another person. a. divulgence b. majority c. comparison d. motivation e. influence 16. Subsequent studies of obedience in situations like that studied by Milgram suggest that: 17. People in a group are nervous, very quiet, and overly polite because they have only just met one another. The group is: 18. The Strikers, a soccer team, go through periods where they play well and show great unity, but between these phases they tend to experience periods of internal conflict. The Striker’s development is consistent with a:
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