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Such a practice could easily get out of hand and

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Such a practice could easily get out of hand and burden the organisation with financial liabilities. This whole issue should however be referred to the medical scheme (Bestmed, Bankmed, Discovery, Transmed etc) for consideration. (3) Transport allowances to employees who make use of public transport The demand for transport allowances is not in principle unreasonable but it is unfair against personnel who, for example, make use of private lift clubs. The provision of employee benefits should be handled with expertise so that the value of employee benefits received by an employee in a particular job is not worth more than the job itself. (4) Reduced working hours for female employees who have to pick up their children As in the above case, this demand is not unreasonable but the principle of fairness should still be applied. There should be no reason why women and not men may leave earlier. As an alternative, Insuretrust should allow its employees to work flexitime. Employees can then arrange their working time in such a way that they are able to pick up their children on time. (5) Quicker processing of medical claims If Insuretrust is making use of an outside vendor (contractor) for medical insurance, there is not much it can do about this demand. Insuretrust can investigate the complaint, determine the source of delay and discuss the issue with the contractor (medical scheme). Should the problem be of a serious nature and the contractor is not able or willing to provide a better service, then Insuretrust should consider switching to another medical scheme.
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MNH306-K/101 16 ASSIGNMENT 04 QUESTION 4.1 Which other factors, as referred to by Mr Mpete, could be responsible for the difference between Beauty and John = s salaries? (10) Entry level salaries: It could have happened that when John and Beauty joined the organisation, John was appointed on a higher salary. As the years went by, the gap between John and Beauty = s salaries increased due to salary increases being based on percentages. Experience: John might have more experience and knowledge and as a result thereof earn a higher salary. Merit increases: It could have happened that John, who is a exceptionally good worker, has received a couple of merit increases. Differences in salaries are quite common when organisations make use of pay-for-performance plans. Qualifications: John might be better qualified than Beauty. Job tenure: John is older than Beauty and has thus more years of service. Structuring of salary package: The way in which a salary package is structured, can leave a misperception about how much someone earns. John has probably decided to take cash in stead of any employee benefits. It thus appears as if he is earning a higher salary. Union membership: In general, trade union members earn higher salaries than non-union members. If John belongs to a trade union, his salary will probably be higher than Beauty = s salary.
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