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Project Dollarama

Related party transactions identified that are not in

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related party transactions identified that are not in the normal course of operations and that involve significant judgments made by management concerning measurement or disclosure. The matters communicated will be those that we identify during the course of our audit. Audits do not usually identify all matters that may be of interest to management in discharging its responsibilities. The type and significance of the matter to be communicated will determine the level of management to which the communication is directed. Furthermore, we will consider the Company's control over financial reporting for the purpose of identifying types of potential misstatement, considering factors that affect the risks of material misstatement, and determining the nature, timing and extent of auditing procedures necessary for expressing our opinion on the consolidated financial statements. This consideration will not be sufficient to enable us to render an opinion on the effectiveness of controls over financial reporting nor to identify all significant weaknesses in the Company's system of financial controls. However, we will inform the appropriate level of management of any deficiency in controls that come to our attention. 14 "We are - the relationship you can count on" - Chiu & Weisserman, LLP
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Management's responsibilities The operations of the Company are under the control of management, which has responsibility for the accurate recording of transactions and the preparation and fair presentation of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards. This includes the design, implementation and maintenance of internal control relating to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements. During the course of our audit, you will be required to provide and make available complete information that is relevant to the preparation and presentation of the financial statements, including financial records, related data, and copies of all minutes of meetings of [shareholders, directors and committees of directors]. As well, information relating to any known or probable instances of non-compliance with legislative or regulatory requirements (including financial reporting requirements), non-compliance or possible non-compliance with laws and regulations and all related parties and related party transactions will need to be provided. You will be required to allow access to those within the entity from whom the auditor determines it necessary to obtain audit evidence. Management’s responsibility with respect to fraud and misstatement includes the design and implementation of controls for its prevention and detection; an assessment of the risk that the consolidated financial statements may be materially misstated; disclosure of situations where fraud or suspected fraud involving management, employees who have significant roles in controls, or others, where the fraud could have a material effect on the consolidated financial statements, have been identified or allegations have been made; and communicating your belief that the effects of any uncorrected consolidated financial statement misstatements aggregated during the
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related party transactions identified that are not in the...

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