and less educated as well as higher body mass index are all associated to the

And less educated as well as higher body mass index

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and less educated as well as higher body mass index are all associated to the adults who miss ‘the most important meal of the day’, and this association exists during adulthood. (62 words)
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44 37. Sports strive to be swifter, higher, lower in carbon Major athletic events around the globe from the 2014 Sochi Olympics to an annual powerboat race in Norwegian fiords are striving to neutralize their carbon footprint as part of a worldwide climate network, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) said today The sporting events are the latest participants to join the network, and are particularly important for inspiring further global action on the environment, said Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director. Organizers of the 2014 Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to be held in a unique natural setting between the shores of the Black Sea and the soaring snow-capped Caucasus Mountains say they will put an estimated $1.75 billion into energy conservation and renewable energy That investment will be dedicated to improving transport infrastructure, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from the use of electricity, air travel and ground transportation, the reforestation of Sochi National Park and the development of green belts in the city. Sample answer 1 (Template): Whereas the fundamental essence of major athletic events emphasizes the significance of neutralizing the carbon footprint , the corresponding impacts of a worldwide climate network such as inspiring more global actions on the environment and a unique natural setting are acknowledged, and an investment could be inferred evidently from improving transport infrastructure , which the potential implications of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions as well as the reforestation of Sochi National Park are presumed. (71 words) *the UNEP *the development of green belts Sample answer 2: UNEP reported that sporting events, as the latest participants to be involved in the world-wide climate network aiming to neutralize the carbon effects on the globe, provide inspiration for further global action on the environment by investing on energy conservation, renewable energy, improvements in transportation infrastructure, the use of electricity as compensation for greenhouse gas emissions and the development of green belts in the city. (65 words)
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45 38. Office Space The notion that office space has a role in promoting or inhibiting performance is backed up by solid research. A recent study conducted by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital showed that improvements to the physical surroundings of workers impacted on productivity not just because the working environment was more attractive, but because the changes made cared for. A Swedish research paper revealed a strong link between the type of office an employee worked in and their overall job action and health. Various findings have emerged a result of studies such as this. Pot plants and greenery can apparently have a real impact on psychological well-being. Those who work in private room tend to be in better health than workers in open-plan offices. Sufficient light can reduce sickness
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