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Provide an example, using the best evidence available, substantiating the significance of your selected area of interest as it relates to your specific specialtytrack.
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Table. Comparison by Gender for Disease and Disabilities from Smoking in the Elderly, 2016 (Frieden, 2016) References Frieden, T. (2016). The state of aging and health for American elderly.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Atlanta, GA: CDC Nicita-Maura, V., Balbo, C.L., Mento, A., Nicita-Mauro, C., Maltese, G., & Basile, G. (2008). Smoking, aging and the centenarians. Experimental Gerontology, 43, 95-101. Rapuri, P.B., Gallagher, J.C., & Smith, L.M. (2007). Smoking is a risk factor for decreased physical performance in elderly women.Journal of Gerontology, 62A(1), 93-100. Tait, R., Hulse, G., Watereus, A., Flicker, L., Lautenschlager, N., & Jjamrozik, K. (2006). Effectiveness of a smoking cessation intervention in older adults.Addiction, 102, 148-155. Youngblut, J. M., & Brooten, D. (2001). Evidence-based nursing practice: why is it important?. AACN Clinical Issues, 12(4), 468-476.
One of the most exciting changes that I have witnessed during my career has been the growth of the nurse’s role in improving quality and safety of care. The system that I work in now has good commitment to EBP, that was a huge factor in accepting a position with them. There are Unit Practice Councils (UPC) tasked with gathering and combining staff level nurses to drive improvements. There is a weekly interdisciplinary team meeting called the ICU task force for every discipline to quickly address any issue from minor to major. There is also a quality and safety committee that reviews all incidents for possible improvements to the system. All of these groups have been empowered to seek and drive evidence-
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