Gene buckle practical suggestions

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Gene Buckle Practical suggestions cont. “I’m left handed… I thought maybe those LH bits were for me to use”
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Just like a baby… Feed a screaming bit. Usually a bit that’s “screaming” wants a greater chip load. Just like you…. A router bit shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad for its health. A smokin’ bit wants a greater chip load. Keep it clean… A bit with built up tree resins, tars and sap are susceptible to pitting form the acids in those compounds. You can use solvents and a fine brass brush on them. Forum members also suggest a toothbrush. A published chipload isn’t gospel… Start out with the recommended chipload and increase the feedrate until finish starts to deteriorate, then back off 10%. Now decrease the RPM and repeat the same steps. This process also works when you don’t know the manufacturers recommended chipload. Breakin’ em left and right… Even a properly used tool will occasionally break. If you are experiencing multiple tool failures, STOP and ask yourself, Is this the right tool geometry for this job? Is the collet clean and is the bit properly installed? Recheck your feed speeds (those pesky decimal points!) Is the bit too hot to touch? Is the part held securely or is it moving, even a little bit? Are you using the largest diameter, shortest length possible bit for the job? Rethink your DOC (depth of cut). Practical suggestions cont. Resources Onsrud an endless source of bits and information about bits Beckwith Decor Products an Onsrud rep and fellow ShopBotter Centurion Tools a bit source forum members trust Magnate Large “V”-bits and a good selection of shapes Ekstrom Carlson Spindle repair, router bits, tooling Cutter-shop Generic chip load tables
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