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Oscar Wilde
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Percieved Quality Perceived quality is defined as a consumer’s evaluation of a brand’s overall excellence based on intrinsic (e.g., performance, durability) and extrinsic cues (e.g., brand name, warranty) (Kirmani and Baumgartner, 2000)
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Jerusalem, 10. srpanj 2013.g. Brand: A Mark of Quality 11 Perceived Brand Quality Reason to buy - Customer has not the time or ability to evaluate the quality objectively. - Perception of quality is the determinant factor in the buying decision. Differentiation/ positioning - Establishing a specific image for a brand (the best, premium, excellent) in relation to competing brands and their quality Premium price - When the perceived quality is high, price may be/ must be accordingly higher - perceived quality enhances profit growth (premium price = quality)
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