by body language tone of voice and the questions asked Preconceived notion of

By body language tone of voice and the questions

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by body language, tone of voice, and the questions asked Preconceived notion of the ‘ideal’ candidate as revealed by an interviewer, often based on the characteristics of the former incumbent of the job and a natural propensity to choose people who reflect their own personality and values An interviewer being unduly influenced by an applicant’s attitude / race / gender in their evaluation A perception by the interviewer of the results of the pre-interview evaluations that may influence both the conduct of the actual interview and the post-interview decision making
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Interview questions Interview questions should focus on the job applicant’s ability to meet the selection criteria There are legal requirements that must be met and this impacts what can and cannot be asked in the job interview For example, can you ask a job applicant… With which kind of company do you think you would work best? Do you intend to have children in the short to medium term? Have you ever had a workers’ compensation claim? Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If in doubt, leave it out! Or seek advice from appropriate sources/ persons before using the interview question
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Competency based interviewing Competency requires the ability to: Perform at an acceptable skill level Organise one’s tasks Fulfil the role expected in the workplace Transfer skills and knowledge to new situations Useful to use behavioural interviewing approach STAR: What was the situation of task that your were presented with? S ituation or T ask What did you do in response to the situation? And why did you choose this course of action? A ction What was the result of taking this action? And what did you learn from the experience? R esult
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Pre-employment checks Qualification checks Criminal record checks Medical checks Social media checks Reference checks: Seek confirmation of the term and type of employment Confirm job role responsibilities Address any previous employment issues raised by the candidate during the recruitment process Confirm the reason for leaving the role
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The selection decision Complete selection report where appropriate Notify the successful candidate Arrange for employment contract to be issued and signed by candidate and appropriate person within your organisation Arrangement for relevant information to be provided by the candidate before or upon commencement of employment e.g. tax file number, bank account details Notify unsuccessful candidates Selection reports
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