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Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 9 Natural disasters

25 please bring some raincoats just case 26 i cant

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25. Please bring some raincoats just ________case. 26. I can’t hear. Please turn the volume ________, will you? 27. Daddy, it’s the weather forecast ________TV. 28. Tornadoes can suck ________anything that is in their path. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.
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29. According to the weather forecast, it will be ________________tomorrow. ( sun ) 30. A ________________storm hit the city last night. ( tropic ) 31. The volcano is one of the largest ________________in the world. ( erupt ) 32. A ________________wave can only occur in that case. ( tide ) 33. The most ____________earthquake in Japanese history damaged Tokyo and Yokohama. ( disaster ) 34. ________________have warned the local people of the disaster. ( science ) Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 35. Tom suggested ________________to a nearby restaurant. ( go ) 36. What about ________________by bus? ( travel ) 37. But I like ________________them, dear. ( watch ) 38. If we pollute the water, we ________________no fresh water to use. ( have ) 39. We haven’t met each other since we ________________ school. ( leave ) 40. Trang ________________the first prize in the English speaking contest. ( just win ) 41. Rice ________________in tropical countries. ( grow ) 42. This exercise must ________________carefully. ( do ) Combine the two sentences by using a suitable relative clause. 43. I bought a new typewriter. It cost me a lot of money. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 44. Tom is one of my closest friends. He is very intelligent. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 45. This is the newspaper. I want you to buy it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 46. 4. Have you ever spoken to the people? They live next door.
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