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Of your blood vessels improves iron absorption and

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of your blood vessels, improves iron absorption, and essential for your immune system to function properly. (FITDAY, 2000-2001). Fat-soluble vitamins are also important. Vitamin A helps your eyes adjust to light changes, and plays an important role in bone development, tooth development, cell division, gene expression and reproduction. Vitamin D helps to form and maintain your teeth and bones, and increases the amount of calcium that your small intestine absorbs. Vitamin E protects Vitamin C, Vitamin A, red blood cells, and essential fatty acids from
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being destroyed. Vitamin K is produced by your body naturally, and is an important role for blood clotting. It also contributes to healthy bones and teeth. (FITDAY, 2000-2001). Your body needs a little bit of each vitamin to keep your body balanced. A deficiency of any vitamin will lead to physical effects, such as illness or easy bruising. (Livestrong, 2013). Vitamin toxicity is a condition in which a person develops symptoms as side effects from taking massive doses of vitamins. It is also called hypervitaminosis or vitamin poisoning. (The Medical Dictionary). Here are some fat-soluble vitamin deficiencies. Mild Vitamin A deficiencies include night blindness, diarrhea, intestinal infections, and impaired vision. Severe Vitamin A deficiencies include inflammation of skin and eyes, and blindness in children. Severe Vitamin D deficiencies include rickets in children, and osteomalacia in adults. Vitamin E deficiencies are almost impossible to produce without starvation, and possible anemia in low birth-weight infants. Vitamin K
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of your blood vessels improves iron absorption and...

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