Maintaining Job Descriptions

Writing job description first there must be proper

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WRITING JOB DESCRIPTION First, there must be proper job title and the responsibilities / duties what the title entails. There must be clear indication to the rationale for choosing that job and the reasons thereof. Secondly, there must be description of the methods used to write the job description which includes the interviews, observation methods, prior information, tasks questionnaires or any other methods. Thirdly, there must be a proper explanation of the sources used and how exactly they were used. For instance some of the basic sources to be used such as SMEs, job analyst, supervisor, job incumbent or any other source deemed to be important. The process used to reach at the general conclusion must be included, like gathering of data, analysis and reporting or application of data to job description, are also important. Lastly there 4. Recommend a process to be used in the future for periodically reviewing and updating the new job descriptions. A job description is an important statement that is usually used to describe the aims and goals of certain job title. It gives the general descriptions of the important functions of the job title, which are essential, desirable or non essential. It also includes the specific skills and qualifications needed in any given job. Generally, the description usually contains the responsibilities, skills, duties, effort, working conditions, experiences, professional training and education (Fowler 2003).
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WRITING JOB DESCRIPTION Job descriptions usually include some information on the equipment and tools, the relationship and collaborations with other professionals both inside the organization and outside.
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WRITING JOB DESCRIPTION First there must be proper job...

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