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State the will of this division to promote and

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state the will of this division to promote and implement sustainability, which is consistent with the implementation of charging stations implementation in order to accompany the rise of the electric cars. The project of electric charging stations will be managed by the Parking Services department that’s why we will focus on their department. Management Prowess: Two persons form the management team of this project: Bryan Boles, Associate Vice- President of Ancillary Services, and Tarilyn Bartels, Manager of the Parking Services. Bryan Boles, the Associate Vice-President of Ancillary Services as the direct manager of the manager of the parking services. Bryan Boles knows the students of Brock has he is himself a
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1 former student of Brock University. He obtained his bachelor’s in acco unting with First class Honours in 2003 and also did his MBA in Human Resources at Brock University. He spent nearly 10 years in KPMG in Ste Catharines and then for 2 years at the Niagara Region with growing responsibilities allowing him to earn strong management skills, needed to deal with such a project, deal with many different projects, giving him the skills to deal with new projects, and learn a lot about the area and the challenges faced. He then came back to Brock University as Associate Vice-President of Finance of Brock University for four years giving him a deep knowledge of Brock organisation, project management and challenges. As Associate Vice President of Ancillary Services for 1 year and 8 months, Bryan Boles is more than qualified to help Tarilyn Bartels with the implementation of charging stations in the brock campus, especially knowing that some were already implemented in 2013. Tarilyn Bartels, Manager of the Parking Services as the direct manager of this project. The parking services implemented in 2013 their first charging stations, very early in the movement of plug-in car and are daily offering this service already as one of the services offered by the team managed for nearly one year by Tarilyn Bartels. Having a bachelor from Brock University Tarilyn Bartels is as well aware of the life as a student and an administrative at Brock University. After working in different fields, Tarilyn Bartels stated working in Brock University five years ago, earning responsibilities and skills over time, especially in management and project management. Being Interim Manager and then Manager of the Parking Services for two years after working there for two years as Customer Service Coordinator allow her to have a great knowledge of leading new projects in this sector and with the management of the existing charging station. As a conclusion, we can say that the management deal leading the charging project leaded by Tarilyn Bartels and supported by Bryan Boles is more than skilled to deal with this project.
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