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crs 335 case study

This will help the employees get back on track and

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This will help the employees get back on track and after you see that they are you will no longer have to keep an eye on them because they will know what is expected of them. With achievement- oriented leadership a leader instills confidence in their employees which will help them realize their ability to complete or meet challenging goals. If they are given a task and the leader gives
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them confidence they are more likely to perform well. These two components will help add structure to Mr. Jakes department and help reinvigorate the overall performance of the company. So as you can see by implementing the path-goal theory of communication Elite Inc. will be able to get back on track. This will be a learning experience for Mr. Jakes who was use to doing things the way he did it but he will have to adjust. By setting a path for his employees not only will this add much needed structure, but by giving them confidence and incentives they will come to work every day wanting to excel, complete assignments, follow the rules, and create great work relations which will lead them to their goal.
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