iv Fish parts cuts and usage interpreted v Seafood parts cuts and usage

Iv fish parts cuts and usage interpreted v seafood

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iv. Fish, parts, cuts and usage interpreted. v. Seafood, parts, cuts and usage interpreted. i. Identify primal beef, lamb and game animal, parts, cuts and usage. ii. Identify type of poultry and game birds, parts, cuts and usage. iii. Identify types of fish, parts, cuts and usage. iv. Identify types of seafood, parts, cuts and usage. 8 Demonstration & Observation
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137 Work Activities Related Knowledge Related Skills Attitude / Safety / Environmental Training Hours Delivery Mode Assessment Criteria Attitude: i. Meticulous in identifying basic butchery raw materials and its characteristic Safety : i. Adhere safety guidelines in basic butchery cuts 3. Prepare equipment and utensils i. Types of basic butchery utensils Butcher knife Fillet knife Debone knife Chef knife Chopper knife Clam knifes Oyster knife Butcher steel Meat saw Weighing scale Trays and containers ii. Types of basic butchery equipment Meat saw Meat mincer Buffalo chopper Vacuum machine 4 Lecture & Observation i. Types of basic butchery production tools, kitchen utensils and equipment classification and it usage determined. ii. Safety requirements in handling basic butchery utensils and equipment interpreted. iii. Basic knives handling practises performed.
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