Arnie said he hadnt started on the essay and was

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class. Arnie said he hadn’t started on the essay and was still trying to finish the book. Reggie told Arnie about the Internet essay, but warned him against using much of it since he was already using it for his essay. On Tuesday, Reggie took his essay to Sally to have her read it over. Sally told him the essay didn’t make much sense and asked him to explain to her what he was trying to say. She soon realized he hadn’t read much more of the book and told him she really couldn’t help him. She warned him about turning in someone else’s ideas as his own. Reggie went away discouraged. On Wednesday he tried to revise the essay some more before turning it in on Thursday morning. Meanwhile, Arnie kept trying to read the book. However, he was really upset because the book was difficult and he couldn’t read it quickly. Wednesday night in a panic, he took the Internet essay, added his own introduction and conclusion and turned it in during class on Friday. On Sunday night when Reggie returned from his meet, he had a voice mail message from PROFESSOR LOVELIT asking him to come to her office on Monday morning. At the meeting, she explained that she knew he and Arnie had not written their own papers. Not only were the papers almost exactly alike, but also she had found the original essay on the Internet. On top of that their papers were not about the assigned topic. She told him that they would both receive and F for their final grade in the course. * * * * * Listed below are the characters in this story. Rank them in order of their responsibility for Reggie’s failing grade. Give a different score to each character. Be prepared to explain your choices. Most responsible <– 1 2 3 4 –> Least responsible
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