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Mostly used at the top level of an organisation can

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Mostly used at the top level of an organisation, can be regarded as one of the most advanced forms of participation and industrial democracy that is practised in the Western world. Participation by self-government Most extreme form entail overthrow of country's capitalist system, with governance of organisations being taken over by elected members of work force. There is, however, a place for worker-controlled organisations in a mixed economy. Worker cooperatives are, for instance, a form of organisation where the workers own the enterprise (a cooperative) and share in the profits What is the role of workplace forums? Structures that are made up of the representatives of workers (non-senior management employees Promote interests of all employees in workplace – irrespective of whether or not they are trade union members – but excluding senior managerial employees, whose contracts of employment or status authorise them to hire and fire, to formulate policy, to represent the employer’s interests in interactions with workplace forums. Strive to enhance efficiency in workplace Concerned with transformational processes involved in organisations endeavour to generate wealth How do workplace forums function? Workplace forum meetings Hold regular meetings, on own as well as with management, where information can be shared in various ways Forum members Forum members and management Forum members and employees they represent Facilitating consultation through workplace forums
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14 Employer may only implement proposal in respect of any matter referred to in Section 84(1) of the LRA Act after employer has consulted workplace forum and attempted to reach consensus Forum must be given opportunity to make presentations and forward alternative proposal Facilitating joint decision making through workplace forums Consensus are achieved Employer may not implement proposals until consensus is reached with workplace forum Disclosure of information to workplace forums Necessity of transparency in process of building relationships based on trust What are the advantages and disadvantages of workplace forums? Advantages Workplace democracy (including fair labour practices), participation and cooperation will be promoted. In those workplaces where the literacy levels of workers are high, workplace forums will foster participation. Provisions relating to disclosure of information will benefit trade unions and workers. Workers will receive instruction and training which they would not otherwise have received. Greater degree of interaction between trade unions and workers, as workers will approach trade unions for advice regarding workplace forum issues. Can give trade unions opportunity to increase capacity, training of workplace forum representatives will be funded by organisation itself, administrative facilities will be provided for workplace forum, and finance will be provided for consultations with experts.
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