Rubrics a rubric is a tool utilized by your

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RUBRICS A rubric is a tool utilized by your instructor to determine your performance on assessments (Assignments, Discussions, Seminars, etc.) throughout your course. The rubric lists the criteria for the assessment on which you will be graded. You should follow the rubric so you understand exactly what is expected of you in each assignment. Following the rubric will help make sure you do not lose points unnecessarily on any graded item. Assignments : Rubrics for all Assignments/Projects can be found in the unit in which the assignment is presented. Seminars : Each response will be graded individually and posted to the grade book using the rubric found under “Course Resources”-> “Grading Rubrics.” Discussion Boards: A Discussion grade will be posted to the grade book for each unit. Please find your Discussion Board Rubrics under “Course Resources”-> “Grading Rubrics.” NETIQUETTE Interactions in an online classroom are in written form. Your comfort level with expressing ideas and feelings in writing will add to your success in an online course.
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