BIT371 BIT372 Weeks 1 10Executing includes authorizing executing

Bit371 bit372 weeks 1 10executing includes

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BIT371 Weeks 10 13, BIT372 Weeks 1 10 Executing includes authorizing, executing, monitoring, and controlling work until the customer accepts the project deliverables. BIT372 Weeks 10 13 Closing and realizing all activities after customer acceptance to ensure project is completed, lessons are learned, resources are reassigned, contributions are recognized, and benefits are realized.
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Project Proposal Outline Cover letter Executive Summary Project Background and Justification Project Background Project Objectives Alternatives Project Scope Project Plan (WBS) and Deliverables: Project Schedule System Development Methodology Acceptance (Key Success Factors) Assumptions, Constraints and Risks Terminology
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Software Development Methodology A software development methodology or system development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. There are many methodologies that have evolved over the years as development has matured The most common (and traditional) is the SDLC
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Traditional Project Management Traditional projects have a clear structure and a static strategy Projects go through distinct stages Specific reports/documents produced in each stage Approval given at the end of each stage to move to the next Project managers distribute tasks and keep the entire team under control.
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Traditional Life Cycle Stages
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