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Arg ID Worksheet with comments

If you are getting a tax refund you should file your

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If you are getting a tax refund, you should file your return electronically. Conclusion That way you’ll receive your refund earlier and can invest it, or at least draw interest on it, as soon as possible. Argument - SHOULD implies that nothing has happened yet but that something should happen; this generally means an argument because they are saying you SHOULD do something. 7. The only way to keep textbooks affordable is to buy only used textbooks and sell your texts back after each course. - Assertion (this is not obviously true, therefore we would need reasons/premises to be persuaded to believe it to make it an argument). 8. I’m tired of being regarded as prejudiced because I do not approve of homosexuality. Premise All my life I have been taught to believe that homosexuality is a sin. Premise The vast majority of people believe the same. Premise Morality does not change; that is one of the defining attributes of God. Premise Any intimate physical activity between two people who are unmarried is wrong. Premise (Letter to Editor, from Johnson & Blair, Logical Self-Defense ) - Argument (conclusion: homosexuality is wrong) - There are 5 premises in this argument; whether they are flamingly false or true, they are still premises, making this into an argument. 9. When we’re asleep, we have no control over our mental processes. Premise When we’re dreaming, we aren’t attentive, focused, or logical. Premise Nor can we evaluate our impressions and feelings or verify them with other people. Premise That’s why dreaming is incompatible with knowledge. Conclusion As entrancing and moving as many dreams are, they are thoroughly unreliable. Premise (Adapted from Govier, “What’s in a Dream?”) - Argument (conclusion: dreams are incompatible with knowledge) 10. It is difficult to understand your dreams; it is next to impossible to learn anything at all from them if you approach them with scorn and derision. Description However, when treated with respect, openness, and appreciation, they may reveal their secrets to you. Assertion Dreams offer a deep source of wisdom to those willing to listen. Assertion Listening means, among other things, letting go of logic and reason and letting in feelings and intuition. Assertion (Sarah Shadowitz, in response to Govier’s “What’s in a Dream?”) - There are no reasons given to back those statements up, therefore they do not create arguments. 11. In the Meno, a Platonic dialogue, Socrates persistently questions a young slave about his knowledge of geometry. At first the slave appears quite knowledgeable, readily asserting that a square composed of sides two feet in length contains four square feet. But when, in response to a problem posed by Socrates, the slave indicates that a figure of eight square feet contains sides four feet long, Socrates demonstrates that the boy is thoroughly 2
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confused and does not realize that the length of the side must be the square root of eight.
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