Convincing argument escorted with supported evidence

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styles. Convincing argument escorted with supported evidence is needed to persuade the readers to believe what they read. Choosing, a political topic e.g. (The uprisings in the Middle East). By researching reading and inquiring from supportive references, reliable sources e.g. Referring to texts that analyze the subject assessing the writer‘s credibility, listen to media, read news web sites, and newspapers, ask people for public opinions. Researching on the political history to compare and evaluate the situation. Focus on the presentation and combine the subject component parts, state my evaluation and conclusion for the subject. By using logic and emotions we are identifying the aspects of the subject. I gain a thorough understanding of my subject. Therefore, I gain the ability to explain it to my readers. Concentrate on my issue’s presentation to grab my reader’s attention relaying that the problem exists, attracting their interest and care. Writing documents to my professor is very challenging. Once I wrote to my professor about the education system in some countries. Knowing that in some countries around the Globe provide free college education to their students. It was very challenging trying to explain why free education is a motivation, it creates a competitive spirit amongst high school students and how they compete to graduate with high scores. My opinion is that this is a good prospective for students to go to a higher level of education. This way nearly every student gets a chance of academic level of education. It lowers the
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Reflective Journal 1 illiteracy percentage and increases the educated percentage in the country. The topic was very interesting, providing the information from reliable sources. Hoping one day education will be totally free all over the Globe. Instead of wasting so many geniuses, potentials, creative and talented minds just because education is so expensive. The number of wasted beautiful minds round the globe is great. The question is will their dream ever come true. The challenge is to find an economic formula to enable such a system Globalize.
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Convincing argument escorted with supported evidence is...

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