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A the cookie b the bakery c jons car d tammys stomach

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a. The cookie b. The bakery c. Jon’s car d. Tammy’s stomach rumbling 4. Lamar is now 3 years out of college. He has very fond memories of his time there. But lately he has had difficulty remembering certain parts of his freshmen and sophomore years. Which theory of forgetting best explains this? a. Inefficient encoding b. Decay theory c. Motivated forgetting d. Proactive interference 5. The three box model of memory is characterized by these three overreaching areas a. Sensory memory, long-term memory, and short term memory b. Episodic memory, prospective memory, and semantic memory c. Short term memory, and sensory memory, and retrospective memory d. Episodic memory, prospective memory, and retrospective memory
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6. The study of the meaning of words is the best definition of: a. syntax b. semantics c. grammar d. structure 7. Susan has to accomplish many tasks tomorrow. To figure out how she will manage everything she imagines each step in the process. She is utilizing which problem solving strategy? a. functional fixedness b. a mental set c. mental simulation d. confirmation bias 8. Sonni sees a beautiful, tall, slender woman walking down a city street. He surmises
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a The cookie b The bakery c Jons car d Tammys stomach...

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