When wwi started it made russia more patriotic

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Changed the name of St. Petersburg to Petrograd (changed back b/c more Russian-sounding) Russia was unprepared for war; military was conservative leader didn’t find a need for new technology; lack of supplies – must take dead soldier’s gun; Russia did very poorly in WWI; 1.5 million men left the army Russia’s Losses: - Land - Men - Food shortages Army is composed of mostly peasants; untrained farmers who would rather be home earning a living; when the war hit, women start taking stronger roles; WWI was an embarrassment for the Tsarist gov’t & they lost any support they really had ; gov’t feared that the masses might revolt (these angry peasants & people were generally becoming more opposed to gov’t); more trade unions being founded Rasputin : held a lot of influence on Nicholas & Alexandra; wanted to end influence on gov’t; was assassinated – many legends around his death; they thought that would calm down the populous (people were skeptical of his influence) Feb 1917 Long-term problems; peasants & generally unhappy (land); weak gov’t; absolutist state (like French revolution); rapid industrialization caused problems (short-term)
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When WWI started it made Russia more patriotic...

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